Spring is coming, along with discount horse blanket sales!

Every year the ground turns to mush and horses are either covered in mud, or stuck indoors until the ground hardens up. This is a great time to go WINTER blanket shopping for your horse!

Most tack stores, both retail and online, start putting on great sales as they clear out the ever expensive (yet bulky to keep on the shelves) winter turnout blankets. If your horse’s winter blanket is too worn or damaged for repair, consider doing some shopping now to avoid paying full price next fall. Keep in mind that more popular sizes (such as 72″ – 80″) tend to go quickly, so if you spot a great deal, act quickly to avoid paying full price down the road.

Here are a few links to get you started:

United States Retailers

Canadian Retailers

Whatever you decide to order, DO NOT FORGET SHIPPING CHARGES (if you order online). These can amount to the cost of the blanket itself! Also, for products crossing the border, watch for duties and taxes that may be added to your order.

Happy shopping!