Horse-related social networking websites

For those who have not yet joined, several horse-themed social networking sites (social networking would be considered sites like Facebook and MySpace) are available to equestrians.

Barnmice is a great site, with options to upload pictures and videos or blog about your equine experiences (such as day-to-day training), or anything you’d like to share with other users. Even those with limited experience will be able to navigate the user-friendly format and make friends through a keyword search (dressage, barrel racing, etc) or by name (Jimmy Wofford, Ian Millar) to find professionals or friends that may be online.

The Chronicle of My Horse is another popular website. This will be a familiar site for those subscribers of the magazine, or for those who frequent the bulletin boards. It also offers video sharing, photo uploads and free blogging. This site also has search features and contests, which make it fun to visit. offers a members section of their website, . HorseCity bulletin boards are some of the most frequented horse-chat bulletin boards online, with a very diverse user group ranging from reiners to driving to dressage.

As with anything you post online, the World Wide Web can be full of trolls and scammers. Never reveal any personal information (phone number, address, etc.) unless you know the person. Many of these sites have privacy options, where someone can search for your name (or interests) but keeps your photos and page content private until you have approved the friend request.

If you can’t be riding in poor weather or just need a break from the barn, enjoy web surfing with some horsey friends!

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