Making your own tack boxes

For those who enjoy working with their hands, an interesting project is to make your own tack box. Regardless of discipline, all equestrians share the common affliction of having lots of tack, brushes and all sorts of stable supplies to keep our horses clean and healthy.

What many of us lack is adequate storage for all these supplies. Whether at a boarding barn or at your own stable, having a sturdy storage container is a very handy tool. For those that find themselves on the road with their equine friend, a tack trunk with wheels can be a lifesaver to get on and off a trailer.

For those that are handy with tools (or have someone in their family that is!), building your own tack trunk is a fairly simple task. There are several companies that offer simple construction plans for the novice wood-worker, that are easy to follow and take you from the required supplies to the finish on the final product.  For those that are unfamililar with power tools outside of a drill, many lumberyards or home improvement stores offer free cuts with the purchase of lumber. Once you have selected the wood required, the store will often make the first cut for free (they may have a nominal charge for any detailed wood cutting after the first cut).

The cost of buying  a tack trunk can make ownership prohibitive, but building your own can make it feasible for any horse owner.To find construction plans, you can use a search engine or try the popular Elite Tack Design for ideas and to order plans.

Elite Tack Design
Elite Tack Design

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