Equine physiology and exercise

As the winter snow begins to melt, many riders are now gearing work with their horses to the 2009 show season (or just simply for longer rides thanks to nicer weather). Some riders have coaches, some are schooling on their own and perhaps others are simply looking to condition their horses. All riders should know some basic principles regarding equine physiology, and how that translates into more effecient exercises to help our equine buddies.

A great article on this very topic was originally published online at TheHorse.com (which is a fantastic resource for up-to-the-minute medical information/advances). It was written by Samantha Steelman, MS and has a list of 10 principles that all riders and trainers should use to their advantage while structuring their training program. It covers muscle fatigue and recovery, the importance of identifying your horse’s weak points (which will ultimately prevent training progression), why warming up is so important prior to a training session, how to read/interpret what your horse’s heart rate is telling you, and other important principles for effective horse training.

To read Steelman’s article, click on the link: 10 Principles of Exercise Physiology