What does THAT piece of tack do?!

When wandering around your local tack store – looking for something you probably don’t need to buy – do you ever wonder what those weird-looking contraptions that are hanging on a sales display actually DO? In between the ropes, leather, clips and other pieces of miscellanous fixtures there is actually a purpose, which has the intention (the key word here) of helping your horse.

As with any “power tool” (to create a generic analogy), non-essential training tools or “gadgets” as they are often called, can be extremely useful to the experienced person but very harmful in the hands of the inexperienced. Some trainers have no use for them, while other trainers sing their praises. The type of gadget and it’s intended usage vary by horse and situation.

When considering adding a gadget to your arsenal of training tools, please consult with a professional or experienced horseman so that your horse is not subject to an unpleasant or downright dangerous situation. Horses have been known to panic and injure themselves from the naive use of gadgets, so if you MUST use one, please do it properly.

In addition to consulting your trainer, check out this website – Sustainable Dressage :: Gadgets – for an overview of the most popular gadgets and how they work, both mechanically and as a training device.