Correctly putting your horse on the bit

International rider and trainer Jane Savoie, member of USET’s dressage team, now has a blog discussing how to use proper leg, hand and seat to put horses on the bit.

(On the bit is also known as flexing at the poll or creating self-carriage that results in a vertical profile.)

Excerpted from Jane Savoie’s Blog:

“No matter where I travel, the most frequently asked questions I get are, “How do I put my dressage horse on the bit…and how do I keep him there consistently?” This concept baffles many riders. My hope here is to simplify the process for you by explaining how to give what I call a “connecting” half halt.

First, you need to know that the “connecting” half halt is the SPECIFIC AID you’ll use to put your dressage horse on the bit. It’s an AID just like there is a specific aid to ask for canter or for a leg yield.”

Click here to learn about the steps for putting your horse on the bit.

Check out this video of Jane explaining the half halt in more detail.