Activate Your Horse’s Core

Activate Your Horse's CoreBook: Activate Your Horse’s Core

By: Drs Narelle C. Stubbs and Hilary M. Clayton

Summary: This is a step-by-step manual and DVD showing exercises that mobilize the joints and engage the muscles used to round and stabilize the horse’s neck, back and pelvis during athletic activities. These exercises will improve your horse’s posture, self-carriage and balance.  The exercises are performed from the ground and do not require sophisticated equestrian skills or special equipment.  [Excerpted from website]

Review: The actual book is a 32-page laminated, spiral-bound book that illustrates the exercises shown on the DVD. The exercises are very straightforward and are easy to follow. The DVD shows the exercise plus an explanation for each specific movement, but a knowledgeable horseperson could perform the exercises off the book alone provided they have an intermediate knowledge of horse anatomy.

I ordered the book because it was recommended for horses that are being rehabilitated from either surgery or coming off a long lay-up.  The goal of the exercises is to provide core strength through unmounted exercises without the undue stress of a rider. The DVD is also very easy to follow (once you wade through the technical terminology of the muscles, ligaments and skeletal structure) and could benefit horses from any discipline, whether it be hunters, dressage, eventers, reiners, etc.

The book/DVD combination tends to be more expensive through various online book retailers (, so I ordered it directly through Sport Horse Publications, which only charged $5 shipping within the US. I ordered it in conjunction with another book by Dr. Clayton, and they arrived promptly and I had zero issues with customer service or shipping.