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Gymnastic Exercises

In order to keep a horse’s form in top condition for competition, gymnastic exercises both on the flat and over fences must be used to supple the horse. Gymnastics can also be used to improve horses that exhibit common jumping faults, such as hanging a leg or jumping flat over the fences. While no exercise can completely “fix” a fault, it can certainly improve the horse’s ability to jump safely within his abilities.

Gymnastic exercises over fences typically include a series of jumps, two or more, that can incorporate poles on the ground. They are especially useful for introducing horses to jumping, progressing from poles on the ground, up to a small “X” and then so on.

Here are some exercises that are useful for any discipline of horse.

Copyright | Celebrity Jumping Exercises
Working with poles
Simple flatwork for green/young horses
Jumping a grid

These illustrations were excerpted from “Celebrity Jumping Exercises”, a compilation of exercises by riders such as William Fox-Pitt, George Morris and Karen Dixon, authored by Caroline Orme.  To purchase the book online, visit

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