Horse physiology and saddle fitting

Many saddle fitting books and videos focus on the fit of the saddle to the horse. I particularly like this video because it focuses on the horse; his individual shape and musculature. Dr. Joanna Robson recommends determining the following aspects BEFORE considering a particular saddle:

  • The horse’s range of motion through the shoulder
  • The location of cranial nerve 11 (causes pain and decrease peformance when being worked in an improperly fitting saddle)
  • The position on the horse’s ribcage (no farther back than the 18th rib)
  • Location of the para-spinal ligaments (how wide the channel of the saddle needs to be

Feeling confused? Dr. Robson explains and demonstrates each of these points in her video. If you’ve never considered your saddle’s fit before, or even if you have a collection of saddles sitting in your barn at home, this video has some excellent points about horse physiology and saddle fit that show how saddle fit can really help your horse or decrease his performance.