Ride a dressage test online

For those who don’t have the finances to participate in dressage shows, a website called InterDressage.com has created the perfect solution. For $15.00 USD, entrants can fill out a form and send in a dressage test (tests are listed on the website) to be judged by accredited British dressage judges. You can either submit your test on DVD/CD, memory stick or upload it to a video-sharing website (such as YouTube) and then you will receive a marked test, as well as your placings in the class. Your marked test is sent back to you, along with a ribbon.
The classes are run once monthly, so be sure to send in your entry prior to the closing date. Two weeks after the closing date, results will be announced on the website and marked tests will be mailed back to participants.

For those who compete over fences or who have young horses, there is an equitation class where participants are judged on the pair’s walk, trot and canter as well as 4 jumps. Additional marks are awarded for obedience and overall impression. There is also an in-hand class, available to certain horse types.

Compete online with InterDressage.com!

InterDressage.com is perfect for those who aren’t quite ready for the show ring, don’t have access to regular coaching and would like feedback on their performance, whose horses do not trailer well or even those who would like to compete for fun.