Get well soon, Courtney Dye wishes a speedy recovery for Courtney Dye (nee King), who was injured while schooling a horse in Florida on March 3rd, 2010. Courtney is well known in dressage circles, and was a competitor in the 2008 Olympics for the United States team in dressage. She is a seasoned competitor, empathetic horseperson and a beloved coach to her many students.

Courtney has been in a coma since her accident, as the result of a skull fracture, up until March 29th. She has been regaining consciouness, slowly but surely, and today’s update by her husband Jason happily reports that thanks to speech therapy, she has been able to say a few words and focus on certain objects for a small amount of time.

Supporters are encouraged to send well-wishes to her at

She has recently been transferred to Teterboro, New Jersey where she will continue her recovery.

Regardless of discipline, many riders have been touched by injury at some point in their riding careers, due to the unpredictability of our beloved horses. Please support Courtney’s recovery, as this is an opportune time to rally together and support those who have fallen.

To learn more about Courtney’s progress, as well as donating money towards her recovery, please visit for more information.

Here is a video tribute for Courtney, made by a supporter in 2008 and even more poignant now.