Icelandic horses in danger

Local farmers and horse owners in Iceland are concerned about their livestock and horses due to the health impact the ash cloud that is the result of the recent volcanic activity. Residents have been cautioned to stay inside their houses to avoid the ash plume, or to wear protective masks if there is a chance of being exposed to the ash. It is made up of tiny pieces of glassy sand and dust produced when explosive eruptions demolish solid rock. It causes irritation to the eyes, ears and throat and can cause repiratory damage.

Horse owners have little choice when it comes to protecting their animals, except to herd them away from the ash cloud in the event it travels their way. Veterinarians have cautioned that pregnant mares and young foals will be the most succeptible to the plume.

Here are some incredible photos posted on the Horse Grooming Supplies forum from a resident who is trying to get her own horses through the disaster. MyHorseChat hopes that this poster and other residents (and their animals) make it through this terrible occurence.

To learn more about the volcano, visit the National Geographic website or