Rechargeable shoe inserts to keep feet warm

Regardless of the temperature, those of us who have to manage horses in cold climates can find it a struggle to stay warm. Throughout the winter, we still have to ride, muck and teach despite the sometimes dreary and bone-chilling winter days.

Thankfully, the store Brookstone offers rechargeable, battery operated shoe inserts to keep those stubbornly cold appendages we call toes warm. The website claims they offer 8 hours of warmth, are crush-proof tested up to 440 lbs and come in sizes S-XXL.

A caveat that came to mind is that you need to wear WATERPROOF, not water-resistant shoes with these inserts. While they are crush-proof tested, if you are prone to having your toes frequently stepped on by youngsters or unruly horses, perhaps calling the manufacturer to ensure they are suitable for that sort of abuse would be a good idea.

To learn more about these interesting inserts, check out the Brookstone website. They could make a great gift for the rider or coach in your life…not to mention a nice surprise for yourself this holiday season. Keeping warm while out at the barn on those dark winter nights is priceless!