Want to make mucking easier? Try electric wheelbarrows

Interested in saving time while mucking stalls? As any farm owner or commercial stable manager will tell you, getting the stalls clean and fresh can be a very physically repetitive and time-consuming task.

Electric wheelbarrows: Its about time

While reading “Horse & Rider” magazine, a British publication, I came across an add for the Porter Easy Barrow. According to the manufacturer, the Porter Easy Barrow is an electric wheelbarrow that is easily charged and used for daily farm activities. It retails for approximately $950 USD, and the battery lasts around four hours on a full charge. It can handle two hay bales, roughly 80-100 lbs, in weight.

If you’re looking to make those tough Monday morning muckings a little easier on your back, consider an environmentally-friendly solution like an electric wheelbarrow!

To learn more about the Porter Easy Barrow, check out http://www.easybarrow.co.uk/