Famous dressage stallion’s first foal born

The legendary Moorlands Totilas’ first foal was born on Sunday, January 23rd 2011 at a veterinary hospital in Utrecht, located in the Netherlands. The filly was named Moorlands Guinevere and her owners, Moorlands Stables, are thrilled with her. Totilas’ former rider, Edward Gal, was one of the first people to meet Moorlands Guinevere.

Moorlands Guinevere

Gal and Totilas earned numerous championships and gold medals at the World Games and other international competitions, while breaking many long-standing high scores. Totilas was recently sold for a reportedly enormous but undisclosed sum by his owners to a German company, to be ridden by a 26-year old rider.

Many are excited to see more of Totilas’ progeny, in the hopes they will achieve some of the fame of their sire. Dressage enthusiasts will be watching the upbringing and training of this first foal with high hopes for future success. Her sire’s performances generated lots of press and media coverage for the sport outside of equestrian news.