100 Days. 100 People. 100 Mustangs.

New Horse Movie: Wild Horse, Wild Ride

100 Days. 100 People. 100 Mustangs.

While many equine moviegoers were excited to see the last cowboy documentary Buck (about popular cowboy Buck Brannaman), there is a new horse documentary that equine enthusiasts are sure to enjoy.

Wild Horse, Wild Ride is a documentary about the wild mustangs that are rounded up by the U.S. government every year. This yearly culling of the wild horse population is a hotly contested issue, with the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) butting heads with animal-rights activists and other environmental agencies. The government attempts to adopt out as many as possible, but some are euthanized or sold for slaughter by third parties.

This movie follows the personal stories of selected individuals who participate in the Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge, an annual contest where wild mustangs are backed and trained in 90 days. The goal is to show off their skills in competition after the 90 days is up.

To see the trailer for Wild Horse, Wild Ride visit their website. You can also learn more about the riders and the horses that are shown in the film.

While retraining mustangs (or any horse) is not a suitable activity for novice or inexperienced riders, this movie looks to be highly entertaining for horse people and (judging by the awards it has received at various U.S. film festivals) a general audience alike.