Easy storage solutions for horse blankets

After sorting through my blankets, I realized I had a whole pile that needed seasonal storage (ie, fly sheets and light summer sheets for one season, heavy winter blankets and thick coolers for the other). I needed an option that would help keep the blankets clean and tightly packaged for optimal storage. I noticed the first option, the Space Saver, at my local Bed Bath & Beyond. The idea behind this storage system is you pack the items, then use your at-home vacuum to suck the air out of the bags. This seals the bag and compresses the item to create more efficient storage.

These Ziploc bags are great for storing horse blankets

While the three-bag item didn’t break the bank at around $50, any more than that it starts to get pricey. Since I have around 12 blankets of various sizes (stable to outdoor turnouts) it wasn’t a very economical option.

At the local hardware store, I found XXL-sized Ziploc bags. They are thick, large bags that can be sealed with the standard Ziploc closing and have handles for easy storing. For about $8, you get 3 large bags. I found I could store one heavyweight winter blanket or two thinner stable sheets in the same bag. Not only was this affordable, but easy to use and easy to store. The ziplock feature keeps smell away so you could store them in your house (it’s always best to have your blankets washed before you store them).

Click here to learn more about Ziploc’s XXL bags, and keep your unused horse blankets stored properly and inexpensively !