Top 10: Horse things to do on a rainy day

  1. Go to the barn and ride.
  2. Put off going to the barn and catch up on horse news using an equine bulletin board.
  3. Get distracted from horse news and laugh at the nuts on said horse bulletin board instead. (Some people = fruitbat crazy.)
  4. Clean all your horse tack while watching reality TV shows.
  5. Watch old home videos of yourself riding.
  6. Remind yourself how old those videos are (you’re a much better rider now!). It’s off to the barn to practice that leg yield!
  7. The kids need one more bedtime story. Dog needs walking. Again.
  8. Consider the fact it’s pouring and Pooky probably didn’t get turned out. Ugh.
  9. Moment of brilliance: catch up on some equine accounting! Grab a glass of wine first…
  10. (Bottle of wine later.) I spent THAT much? This was a bad idea. Should’a gone to the damn barn.
Getting inspired to ride on a rainy day may lead to a hangover.