Watch Horse Competitions Online

There’s nothing worse than not being able to ride, but never fear—you can take advantage of great horse content to watch online. The accessibility of live streaming of competitions in dressage, showjumping, eventing, racing, reining and more is a huge benefit to the equine community, not only for viewers but promotion within the sport and it’s sponsors and advertisers.

Many international competitions are aired by, although it is a paid subscription service. It predominantly features FEI competitions in European dressage and showjumping, however they also feature other disciplines at major events such as eventing, vaulting, reining, endurance and driving. is an online horse network that specializes in racing and western disciplines as well as select hunter and jumper shows in the United States. Some features are subscriber based while others are free to view. is a great source for free online broadcasting of competitions in the US. Subscribe to their email list and be notified of upcoming live events.

Lastly, some shows and free live broadcasts can only be viewed by residents in certain countries, and these restrictions are hard to get around unless you have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service which allows you to “choose” which IP address you surf with. For example, if you set your VPN to reflect your location as being in the UK, you will be able to view live streaming events that are otherwise only limited to UK residents. TIP: When selecting which VPN provider to use, keep in mind that free services may keep track of your browsing history and use your information for commercial gain. Utilizing a paid service (which can usually be between $4-$7 per month) will tend to give you faster bandwidth, which is ideal for live streaming quality, and increase privacy as you browse.

On those rainy days, rehabbing after injury or any other time you’re unable to get to the barn, check out some of our website recommendations for equine broadcasting to get your horsey fix!