7 Ways to Make your Barn Visits More Enjoyable

1. Pick up a snack or have food on hand so you’re hydrated and have enough energy to ride effectively

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Just go easy on the carbs so you’re not uncomfortably full.


2. Keep your tack and equipment organized so you don’t waste time searching

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…or find something living in your locker.


3. Stay out of barn drama and gossip













Not only it is time consuming, but sooner or later it will be about you and your horse.


4. Have a training goal or purpose to your ride











 If you’re going to only put in half the effort, you’re not doing you or your horse any favours. Go for a hack instead.


5. Be aware of your horse’s mood that day and how it might affect your schooling session











6. … or your own mood for that matter.

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Don’t spend the whole time fighting with your horse. Give him/her a nice brush and call it a day.


7. Remember why you’re there… because you love your horse!








…and there’s always wine at home if your barn visit was a fail. Try again tomorrow!