Nightwatch Horse Health Monitoring

About four years ago, I lost my young horse to a nighttime bout of colic. Despite being at a very large, busy and well-supervised boarding facility, his distress must have started overnight, and he was put down at a large veterinary hospital later that evening after hours of veterinary care.

When I heard about the Nightwatch monitoring system, I was immediately interested. The product was designed by a biomedical engineer who similarly lost his horse to colic. This system has a 24/7 monitoring device that reads your horse’s biometrics and sends you a text, email or phone call if your horse’s vital signs begin to change.


Nightwatch reportedly monitors metrics such as respiratory rate, motion, posture, activity and heart rate, and has the ability to learn your horse’s individual patterns and habits.

Access your horse's biometrics across multiple devices
Access your horse’s biometrics across multiple devices

This equine monitoring system can be connected via Wi-Fi or cellular networks. The monitoring service is being advertised as $29.99/month or $329.00/annually (USD). Nightwatch monitoring will be available in the United States and Canada. There are several options for the hardware itself, including a leather halter or neck collar. The two options range in price from $499.99 to $599.99 (USD) for leather with stainless steel.

While the price seems on the high side for the average horse owner, it would be particularly valuable for elderly horses, young horses or equines prone to health problems or accidents. The battery is rechargeable and should be plugged in every 5-7 days (depending on usage).

Interested? While Nightwatch isn’t currently available to buy, the company is accepting pre-orders with the plans to start shipping this fall 2016.