Horse Technology for the Holidays

Looking to upgrade your game for 2020? There are a slew of and exciting horse products on the market, solving old fashioned horse problems with cutting-edge technology. Whether it’s gait analysis, training monitoring or even AI cameramen, these incredible products may be just what you’ve been looking for!

AI Camera Video Tracking

Gone are the days of the camcorder. We use our mobile phones for everything! Enter the Pivo. Once your phone is mounted on the stand, just open the app and select object tracking – horse. You can mount the Pivo on a tripod in the centre of the ring, or simply place the Pivo on the arena boards. Use your finger to select the tracking object, and away you go! There is also a remote for starting/stopping the video.

One of the best parts of the Pivo technology are the post-editing options. You can create time-lapse photos (for example, your position before, during and after a jump to find areas for improvement). You can live stream on social media to your riding coach who is down south over the winter, and create all sorts of fun digital images/video clips in post production.

Best of all, the price doesn’t break the bank (some AI camera video trackers are $600 USD++ ) and all you need is your mobile phone!

Click here to learn more about the Pivo.

Seaver Horse

We can all agree that metrics are an important part of tracking athletic performance. Seaver is a module that you can attach to your current girth (or buy an integrated girth for various disciplines/saddle styles). It can monitor gait quality, including trot symmetry, cadence, elevation, and more. It tracks distance, cardio exertion, speed, hindlimb push over fences and obstacle effort analytics.

What makes this technology so appealing is the ability to identify errors or a downward trend in performance that many riders tend to miss until there’s a chronic problem (unable to pick up a lead consistently, refusing at a fence, etc). By isolating minor changes in gait symmetry and heart rate, lamenesses can be detected far earlier. Gains, decreases or plateau’s in fitness or performance can be tracked for revisions to your horse’s training schedule.

Keep your horse’s performance details at your fingertips! Click here to learn more about SeaverHorse.

Levade App

Ever wish you had your coach on call 24/7? With the Levade App, you can keep detailed performance and lesson information on hand. It works as a training diary, allowing you to use video clips, photos and detailed notes for each of your lessons. It has a super easy voice-to-text feature, allowing you or your coach to easily and quickly record lesson highlights so you can work on them later.

The various calendar features such as appointment tracking/scheduling for multiple horses or clients, so horse owners and coaches/trainers can keep detailed photos, videos and written information about all the clients and horses in their care.

The video and photo features are also handy for reviewing your progress. Is your haunches-in improving from last month? Is your horse catching rails more or less than last season? The on-hand data all in once place makes this technology great to track historical data.

Check out the Levade App on the App Store or Google Play.

If you’ve got a handle on the performance side of things, consider looking into Nightwatch, which is essentially horsesmart technology to keep you always connected to your horse’s health throughout the day and night. Learn more at